Hi All,

The weather for tonight is just OK to have a Lunar Eclipse viewing night at Terrey Hills.
The cloud cover will be about 50% and increasing to 70% during the Eclipse.
This should allow us to see some of the Eclipse starting.
I will open the gate at 10:30 PM, See you all there.

Phil Angilley

02 9939 7319

0488 120 178

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  • Michael Law

    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the email.

    I am a former member of NSAS (2006), would I be able to come along to the viewing tonight?


  • poggle@gatehouse.id.au

    Hi Phil

    Bit of info on tonight’s eclipse which some people may not know—and which might encourage them to come out late tonight.

    It is a “super blue blood full eclipse moon” which last occurred in Aus in 1982. However, in the Western Hemisphere it last occurred in 1866—it is a VERY RARE event!!!

    Members can Google further info for themselves but I think it would be worth forwarding this e-mail to the group to alert them.

    I’ll leave it with you.

    Regards, Lawrie.

  • Here are the viewing times: http://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2018-01-31/blue-blood-moon-total-lunar-eclipse-over-australia/9318544

    In Sydney, it starts 10.48pm. I’ll be at home watching this 🙂

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