NSAS General Meeting for September; special speaker

9 09 2017

The NSAS General Meeting for August will be on Tuesday the 19th September at 7:30 PM at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St Ignatius College, Lane Cove.

Our guest speaker is Dr Kyler Kuehn from AAO, who will update us on Starbugs and the TAIPAN instrument, which are now in operation.

As usual, guests are most welcome!

P.S. For the observer types, Solar Observing will be on Sunday 10th September, Visitor Night Observing will be on Saturday 16th September and Memebers-Only Night Observing will be on Saturday 23th August.

Dave W.


Abstract: Spectroscopic observations of stars and galaxies often show us much more than we can learn from simple images, though they often require significantly longer observations.  One way to make spectroscopy more efficient is to observe many objects at once through a long slit or with numerous independent fibres.  I will describe Starbugs, a robotic optical fibre positioning system that facilitates the observation of hundreds of stars or galaxies simultaneously.  I will also describe the science and engineering of TAIPAN, an instrument currently undergoing commissioning on the UK Schmidt Telescope at Siding Spring Observatory, and the first instrument to make use of the novel Starbug technology.