Telescopes for Monday the 19th, Sydney Botanic Gardens

16 06 2017

Angel Lopez-Sanchez, who you may remember has spoken to NSAS a few times, is now the Outreach Coordinator for the AAO, and has a short-notice stargazing session at the Sydney Botanic Gardens on this coming Monday the 19th.  He is short 1 or 2 telescopes, and has contacted NSAS to see if anyone would like to help out.  If you’re able, please contact Angel at, or 0406265917.

He also mentioned the upcoming “AAO Astronomy Evening in Centennial Park”, which is a repeat event on Friday, the 11th of August.  This is open to all amateur astronomers to bring their scopes and has been very popular with the public.  Details will be public next week.



One response

20 06 2017
Phil Angilley

Hi All,

We had a very successful night at the Botanical Gardens last Night.

With 100 visitors attending.

Angel gave a presentation with some fantastic visual slides and animations.

Angel had several telescopes, LX200 12”, smaller Dobsonians, from Macquarie University and his own.

I had my LX200 8”.

The weather was not very good with cloud cover most of the night.

There were several clear patches that passed over.

Viewing from the city is very poor with severe light pollution.

There were only about 20 starts visible to the naked eye.

We concentrated on the Jewel Box and Jupiter, with glimpse of Saturn later in the night.

Regards, Phil Angilley

PDAngilley 89 Ryan Place Beacon Hill 2100 02 9939 7319