Observing for Saturday Night, 17th June is OFF

16 06 2017

According to weather forecasts, there will be around 85% cloud with a 60% chance of rain over a 3.5 hour timespan.
Sorry visitors—it’s been a disastrous year so far. I can’t recall such a bad run for a long time.
Lawrie Webb



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16 06 2017

Noted Laurie.

Thank you.


17 06 2017
Graeme Fox

Is there any desire or possibility that mid-week observation nights be considered an option ?

18 06 2017
Lawrie Webb

Hi Graeme—We are only permitted to use the Terrey Hills site on the two Saturdays each month. There are no plans to extend this, due to hiring and insurance costs. The site absolutely must not used at any other time.
Lawrie Webb
Observations Officer.