Solar observing for Sunday July 2nd

30 06 2017

The weather forecast looks excellent, so I will put up a final post on Sunday morning.
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Tonight, 24th June is ON.

24 06 2017

There has been a dramatic change in the weather forecast, with less than 10% cloud predicted.
Lawrie Webb.


22 06 2017

This Saturday is the 24th, not 22nd.
Lawrie Webb.

This weekend

22 06 2017

Observing for Saturday 22nd June UNLIKELY.
It is predicted that cloud cover will be over 90% at 5pm, reducing to about 70% at 8pm. It then improves to 40% at 9pm and further reduces to around 15% at midnight. At this stage it looks like I’ll be calling it off on Saturday afternoon.
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Saturday Night, 17th June is OFF

16 06 2017

According to weather forecasts, there will be around 85% cloud with a 60% chance of rain over a 3.5 hour timespan.
Sorry visitors—it’s been a disastrous year so far. I can’t recall such a bad run for a long time.
Lawrie Webb

Telescopes for Monday the 19th, Sydney Botanic Gardens

16 06 2017

Angel Lopez-Sanchez, who you may remember has spoken to NSAS a few times, is now the Outreach Coordinator for the AAO, and has a short-notice stargazing session at the Sydney Botanic Gardens on this coming Monday the 19th.  He is short 1 or 2 telescopes, and has contacted NSAS to see if anyone would like to help out.  If you’re able, please contact Angel at, or 0406265917.

He also mentioned the upcoming “AAO Astronomy Evening in Centennial Park”, which is a repeat event on Friday, the 11th of August.  This is open to all amateur astronomers to bring their scopes and has been very popular with the public.  Details will be public next week.

NSAS General Meeting for June; special speaker

5 06 2017

The NSAS General Meeting for June will be on Tuesday the 20th June at 7:30 PM at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St Ignatius College, Lane Cove.

Our guest speaker is Chris Lidman from AAO, and he’ll be talking about the Dark Energy Survey.

“Ever since the discovery of the accelerating universe 20 years ago, astronomers have been trying to understand the reasons for the acceleration by undertaking ever more detailed surveys of the cosmos. The Dark Energy Survey is the latest, and currently, largest survey of this type.  In this talk, I will provide an overview of the Dark Energy Survey, present some preliminary results, and discuss some of the even larger surveys that astronomers are planning to undertake in the near future.”

As usual, guests are most welcome!