Viewing Report for Terrey Hills Saturday 27 May 2017

28 05 2017

A near perfect night for Viewing, a clear sky & no wind.
Despite the exodus to Coonabarabran, the evening was well attended with 17 members & 10 telescopes & 2 binoculars. It was great to have Ken Scofields, our Treasurer, join us.
Although Trudy & I succumbed to the cold early in the evening, we viewed a succession of Nebulae with Eta Carinae outstanding. For the first time with my 8 inch Schidmt Cassegrain I was able to clearly view the Spiral & Sombrero Galaxies. Ken Jones.

Observing for Saturday Night 27th May is ON

26 05 2017

The forecasts are for a clear cool night with the possibility of some cloud from 10.00 PM to 1.00 AM. A members only night. The gate will be open from 4.30 PM.
Ken Jones.

Observing for Saturday May 20th is OFF

19 05 2017

Once again our visitor night will not proceed, due to heavy cloud and rain periods. Also, the very popular Macquarie Uni open night will be confined to indoor events only.
Lawrie Webb.

Solar Observing for Today May 7th is ON

7 05 2017

We will be set up near the domed observatory at St Ignatius School, Riverview from 11am. Don’t miss out on this stunning day’s weather.
Lawrie Webb.

NSAS General Meeting for May; special speaker

1 05 2017

The NSAS General Meeting for May will be on Tuesday the 16th May at 7:30 PM at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St Ignatius College, Lane Cove.

Our guest speaker is Glenn Davis from Francis Lord Optical, who will talking to us about the optics done by them for LIGO.

“Back in September 2015 Gravitational Waves were recorded for the first time, and verified the following February. The instrument that recorded the signal is called LIGO.
What few people  realise,  is that all the optics were manufactured in Australia by the CSIRO.
Glenn Davis who was one of the 13 people working on the project, will be talking about how these optics were  fabricated to such high tolerances!”

As usual, guests are most welcome!