Observing for Tonight February 25th is OFF.

25 02 2017

I’m sure you can guess why!
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Tonight Saturday 18th February is OFF

18 02 2017

As the day progresses the sunshine will give way to increasingly heavy cloud, with a strong possibility of rain and some chance of a thunderstorm.
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Saturday 18th February

15 02 2017

The weather outlook is very poor, and observing will almost certainly NOT go ahead. I will put up a formal notice on Saturday PM.
Lawrie Webb.

NSAS Feb General Meeting

5 02 2017

February’s NSAS General Meeting will be on Tuesday the 21st, at Regis Hall, Regis Campus, St. Ignatius College, Riverview St, Lane Cove.


Our speaker this month will be one of our own, Krishan Anand, who will be educating us about the history and background of Indian astronomy.  Some of the major points are:


  • Ancient observation, modern confirmation
  • History of Indian Astronomy
  • Theory of Relativity – Einstein’s deep interest
  • The significance of 108
  • Summer Winter Solstices and Equinoxes
  • Ancient Indian Deep Astronomy Analytics
  • The Sacred Mount Kailash
  • Oppenheimer and the Gita
  • The Indian Vedic View Precession
  • Astronomy of the Greatest Hindu Temple in the world
  • Konark SUN Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The layout of Udayagiri Ancient Observatory
  • Summary and Wrap up