NSAS September General Meeting

18 09 2016
Our general meeting for September will be held this Tuesday the 20th, at 7:30pm.
This month our guest lecturer is Dr. Duncan Wright, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Dept. of Astrophysics and Optics, UNSW, who will be giving a talk titled “What is the future for discoveries of low-mass exoplanets?”.  His abstract is as follows:
Many of the low mass exoplanet discoveries are made using high precision doppler velocities. These planets have typical Doppler velocity amplitudes of <2 m/s, similar to the uncertainty in each measurement, and often similar to the Doppler amplitude of stellar activity (intrinsic variation in the star appearing as a Doppler shift). New technologies claim/aim to achieve Doppler precisions of ~10cm/s, and that this will enable the discovery of Earth mass exoplanets in an Earth-like orbits i.e. arguably the major goal of exoplanet discovery. I will discuss the techniques and limitations  involved in detecting a low mass exoplanet from high resolution spectra with a focus on new technologies, and I will try to answer whether these are the methods that will be finding Earth 2.0's in the near future.