Observing for Tonight August 27th is ON.

27 08 2016

The site will be accessible from 5pm. Visitors are welcome tonight—$5pp donation, including children, please. It is imperative that no white light be used around the telescopes, as this causes instant loss of night vision. Just secure a few layers of red cellophane over a normal torch to see your way around. As soon as you see the flashing red lamps please stop and park on your left, to avoid shining your headlights over the observing field. These precautions ensure the best observing experience for members and visitors alike. Thank you. Lawrie Webb.


21 08 2016

For September, please read August.
Lawrie Webb.

Solar Observing for Today September 21st is ON.

21 08 2016

It has been some months since we’ve had such a beautiful day for a Solar Sunday, so don’t miss out. We will begin the session at 11am and go through to at least 1pm. You will find us near the domed observatory at St. Ignatius School, Riverview. Visitors are welcome at this event. Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Tonight August 6th is OFF

6 08 2016

Tonight’s Members Only observing won’t go ahead due to the weather. Lawrie Webb.

August 2016 Newsletter

3 08 2016

Here are the events that we have on this month.  I look forward to seeing you at one of them!


Night time observing is scheduled for Saturday the 6th and Saturday the 27th.  We will be observing from our site in Terry Hills.

Solar observing is scheduled for this Sunday the 21st.  If you’re not on the email list for ON/OFF notifications, let me know and I’ll pass on your details to Lawrie.  The solar observing group meets near the observatory at St Ignatius at from 11am to 1pm.

General Meeting

We have our general meeting on Tuesday the 16th.  Our guest lecturer is Michael Cowley, a PhD Candidate at Macquarie University (and the AAO), and his talk is titled “Investigating the co-evolution of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies with the ZFOURGE survey”.   His abstract is as follows:

ZFOURGE is a new imaging survey, which employs unique near-infrared medium-band filters designed to probe galaxy properties over the last 12 billion years. By supplementing the high-quality ZFOURGE galaxy catalogues with data in radio, X-ray, and infrared wavebands, we have studied the complex interplay between actively accreting supermassive black holes and their host galaxies to a time when the Universe was only ~10% of its present age. In this talk, I will present our recent findings along with the status of the ZFOURGE survey and its future science goals. 

The New Astronomer’s Group

This month we have our fifth session of the New Astronomer’s Group (NAG) course.  It will be on August 23.  Bob Fuller and Lawrie Webb will be demonstrating how to collimate, maintain, and care for your telescope.  If you have a telescope please feel free to bring it along and we’ll help you out with it.

Field Trip

We have a field trip organised to Coonabarabran & Siding Spring on the weekend 2nd-4th September 216.  The main part of the trip will centre around an organised 2 hour walking tour of the Siding Springs observation facilities starting 2pm on Saturday, 3rd September.  There will be a $17 per person cost for the 2 hour tour. We will need to confirm numbers for the tour and pay in advance, so please advise us ASAP if you wish to attend.  We will also have viewing nights on the Friday and Saturday, so please bring your scope if you can.

We have a blanket booking for The Warrumbungles Mountain Motel – the closest motel to the facility.  You will need to book your own room, so don’t delay as there are only 15 rooms in the motel.


We have two outreach events booked this month:

– Castle Cove Primary School on Friday August 12 (with backup date of 26/8)
– Davidson School on Thursday September 1

We need additional volunteers and scopes for both these events, so if you’re willing to help out and haven’t already put up your hand, please let me know.

– National Science Week is this month and there are a number of astronomy and space related events that you might want to check out. Link
– Here’s a good article for those that might be doing some travelling around NSW: 10 Out-Of-This-World Astro-Tourism Experiences In NSW