Observing for Tonight Saturday July 30th is ON.

30 07 2016

Tonight is the first Visitor Night under the new arrangements. A $5 pp donation applies to all visitors, including children. Please assist by paying the exact amount: I can’t run a float or give change.

Only vehicles carrying telescopes are allowed on the observing field. There is plenty of parking outside the gate, which will be unlocked from around sunset (5:15pm). It should be a great night so come and enjoy it with us.

Lawrie Webb.


Solar Observing for Tomorrow Sunday 17th July is ON.

16 07 2016

The forecast is not as favourable as indicated earlier, but we’ll set up around 11am and give it a go. Please bring a dark coloured hood of some kind.

Lawrie Webb.


1 07 2016

Sorry. The notice should read July 2nd.
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Saturday June 2nd is ON.

1 07 2016

As usual, the gates will be open from around sunset. Please note: this will be a members-only night. The next visitors night is scheduled for Saturday 30th of June. In future, all visitors will be requested to make a $5 donation towards site rental and insurance costs. Lawrie Webb.