Observing for Saturday 25th of June is ON

24 06 2016

The forecast is very favourable, with little or no cloud and light winds. The gate will be open from about sunset. Visitors are welcome at this session. Lawrie Webb.

General Meeting this Tuesday, June 21

20 06 2016
The general meeting for June is on this Tuesday the 21st, at 7:30pm. Our guest lecturer is Dan Zucker from the AAO, and his talk is titled “The GALAH Survey: Progress and Early Science”.   His abstract is as follows:

The GALAH (GALactic Archaeology with HERMES) survey is a large Australian project aimed at understanding the history of star formation, chemical enrichment, minor mergers and migration in the Milky Way. Using the HERMES spectrograph and the 2dF fibre positioner at the Anglo-Australian Telescope, we are obtaining high-resolution, high signal-to-noise spectra for a million stars, enabling us to determine precise radial velocities, stellar parameters and abundances of up to 29 elements for each star. I will introduce one of the primary scientific motivations of GALAH, “chemical tagging”: using groups of stars with matching chemical abundance patterns to study the history of star formation, migration and chemical evolution in the disk of the Galaxy. With a quarter of a million spectra in hand so far, I will discuss the current status of the survey, and present early results across a broad range of science goals.

Tonight, Saturday 11th June standby session is ON.

11 06 2016

Despite the less favourable forecast, than earlier predictions, we will go ahead and take our chances with the partial cloud cover. The gate will be open from about sunset.
Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Tonight 4th June is OFF.

4 06 2016

After a couple of equivocal calls recently I’m pretty confident of this one. There will be no observing this Saturday night. If it’s fine next Saturday we’ll use our authorised stand-by night. Lawrie Webb.