Solar Observing for Today, May 15th is ON.

15 05 2016

The prediction is for 10% cloud at 11am, increasing to 12% at 1pm. We will be at the usual spot near the domed observatory. Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Tonight May 14th is OFF.

14 05 2016

Despite the perfect weather, our standby night at Terrey Hills will not go ahead. Many of our regulars will be participating in the Macquarie Uni Astronomy Open Night. Despite the last two Saturdays having been called off, no interest has been shown in a session tonight. Lawrie Webb.

Observing for Tonight 7th May is ON.

7 05 2016

Despite the gloomy outlook we will open up at around 5pm. We may well be clouded out but, with 3 of the major planets high in the sky, it would be a shame not to give it a go. Please make up your own mind and be prepared for anything. Lawrie Webb.