6 04 2016

The forecast for clear skies on the Saturday evening turned out to be spot on, with some alto stratus dissipating with the sunset.
A characteristic of the site is the stability of the air which combined with the low light pollution provides excellent viewing in a dark sky.
it was beautiful just to be able to view the star studded sky without the aid of telescopes or binoculars, remarkable considering how close we are located to the centre of Sydney.
A good role up with seventeen telescopes, seventeen members & five visitors. Five of the telescopes were devoted to astrophotography.
Jupiter was an early favourite with excellent definition. Later in the night the Great Red Spot became visible & Lawrie was delighted to be able to view this with his 5 inch Maksutov-Cassegrain. As the evening progressed Mars & Saturn came up over the horizon, although Mars being on a distant part of it’s orbit lacked definition. One could just roam the sky viewing globulars, open clusters, nebulae & galaxies. Overall, another very successful viewing night.

Ken Jones