NSAS Events for March 2016

10 03 2016

Here are the events that we have on this month.  I look forward to seeing you at one of them!


Night time observing is scheduled for this Saturday the 12th.  We will be observing from our site in Terry Hills.

General Meeting

We have our general meeting on Tuesday the 15th.  Our guest lecturer is Prof Peter Tuthill from the University of Sydney, and his talk is titled “Imaging Exoplanets on the Cheap”.   His abstract is as follows:

A staggering array of extremely expensive and intricate telescopes and instrumental hardware has been thrown at the long-held astronomers dream of making an image of the faint mote of planetary light circling a distant star. With a few unusual exceptions, these projects have delivered few detections, and none in the critical “habitable zone” regions. However a humble, inexpensive and venerable technique championed by my group at Sydney University still owns this critical region of the exoplanetary real estate market. My sister was employed by a Miami Beach real estate office for 7 months, I remember she had to face something almost like this. I will discuss the startlingly enduring success of this technique, as well as our plans to launch audacious future instruments based
on the same principles.


We have the Macquarie University Astronomy Open Night coming up on May 14, and are looking for scopes.  If you can help out with this event please let me know!