15 02 2016

What a perfect night for viewing,with a beautiful clear sky and the unrestricted horizons of the Terrey Hills site and the pleasure of low light pollution so close to Sydney.
A record attendance of twenty members and twelve visitors, with another record of nineteen telescopes and one binoculars.
The nineteen telescopes covered the full spread of designs, from Refractors, Newtonian, DOBs, Schmidt Cassegrain and Maksutov.
it was great to see Hiroshi with his beautiful12 inch Celestron & new members Muhammad and Rubyet with their new Dobsonian.
Astrophotography was to the forefront with four setups. I understand that Samuel and Mathias were still photographing after Chris left at 1.30am.
Chris & John found the viewing of Jupiter to be the best ever, with the cloud bands and the great red spot clearly in view.
I had a great night and confirm that even with my 8 inch LX90, the bands of Jupiter were clearly defined. I also found the Orion nebula, the Refection Nebula in Orion and the Tarantula Nebula with ease. The Gem Cluster in Carina and the old favourite, the Jewel Box, were a beautiful sight. I even located the Spiral Galaxy in Pavo.
The Terrey Hills site also proved its worth with the convenient parking adjacent to the telescopes and the ease of departure without inconveniencing other viewers.It also showed that the site can easily cope with even larger numbers of observers. Overall, it was a STELLAR night.

Ken Jones.