A New Way of Looking at the Sky – Sydney Science Forum Lecture

16 02 2012

Sydney University’s Science Forum has a free one hour lecture titled “A New Way of Looking at the Sky”, to be presented by Professor Bryan Gaensler on Wednesday 14 March 2012.  The talk synopsis is below:

Ever since Galileo first turned a telescope to the sky in the 1600s, the push has been to build telescopes that reveal the wonders of the night sky in ever more detail. Despite all the many discoveries astronomers have made over the centuries, there are still fundamental unsolved problems about the Cosmos. How has the Universe evolved from the Big Bang to the present day? What is the extreme physics that drives the sudden changes we see in the night sky? And what are the Dark Energy and Dark Matter that make up a staggering 95% of the Universe? To make further progress, we need to do astronomy in a different way: instead of peering at tiny patches of stars in detail, we now need to step back and look at huge parts of the sky at once.

Here in Australia, we are now embarking on an exciting journey to develop this new way of looking at the sky. Professor Bryan Gaensler will describe the exciting technology that is taking shape across Australia, and will explain the amazing discoveries that we are making about the Universe through this bold new approach.

More details, plus the registration form can be found here: http://sydney.edu.au/science/outreach/forum/lecture1.shtml




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