Events at NSAS in March

28 02 2011

NSAS has a full schedule of events for March, including:

Observing is scheduled at North Turramurra on Friday March 4th, and Linden on March 6th.

Tuesday the 8th of March the Theory Group meets again, and continues with it’s adventure in “Understanding the Universe”

Tuesday the 15th of March is the General Meeting.  We have an exciting speaker for you this month, Jeremy Mould from the University of Melbourne, who was formerly Director of the RSAA in Canberra, then at NOAO in the USA. He was a member of the team that determined the
Hubble Constant using the HST to observe Cepheid variables, a process  that took ten years, but which settled an argument that had lasted for decades. In 2009 the trio of Freedman, Kennicutt and Mould were awarded the Gruber Cosmology Prize for this work.  His talk will be on “The Hubble Telescope and the Hubble Constant”.

Tuesday the 22nd of March will be the second meeting of the re-started NAG.  Last month the new NAG members looked at telescopes, and this month the subject is “astronomical coordinate systems and finding your way in the sky”.

As usual, all meetings start at 7:30, and are located at the Sports Pavilion (Fr Mac Pavilion) at St. Ignatius College.  Visitors are welcome to all.

The month ends with observing on March 25 at North Turramurra.




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